Living in Beijing, many people choose to commute by the underground because of the awful traffic. Over 10 million passengers take the underground in Beijing every day. At the peak hours in the morning and the evening, it is almost astonishing to look at the platforms. Due to the long distance, many have to spend over 2 hours on the train. I am one of them. During the trips, I get to see all sorts of people every day, those who commute for work, idle, chill, beg, love, and quarrel, etc. At different periods of time or rides, there are moments of sweetness and noisiness, every bit of time makes a story. They are what’s really happening around me every day, no matter what. They are indeed the reality of the society, and also its miniature. I draw from summer to winter, and one carriage after another connects countless time points, which becomes the extension of time.