About life

Furniture and plants are indispensable elements in life. From lifeless furniture to lively plants, they all express their emotions in their unique ways. Very often my drawings are inspired by life, by the happenings around me, which gives me the desires to express through what I’d like to paint.



Life presents us with all kinds of experience, and obsession is one emotion that many own. No matter it is indulgence in games, sweet words, desserts, or anything, as long as it is an obsession, it makes people addicted and hard to resist. It is like the smell of rosemary – perhaps it smells refreshing at the beginning, but given enough time, it will make people feel asleep.


Seedpod of Lotus

Would you sometimes feel confused and no way out? Time will give you answer eventually. It won’t always remain stagnant; you will find you way in the end.



Things don’t always go smoothly in life, just like the thorn of cactus. Although it would prick our fingers and cause pain, we still move on after the pain. The pain itself is an experience. The life goes on after all.


Picture Four – Boston Ivy

As an old Chinese saying goes, man seeks his way up while water seeks its way down. Life asks you to continue moving forward. As long as you are determined towards your goal, you will eventually get the the height you want.

爬山虎 net.jpg